Starting a business?

Entrepreneurs are our favorite people to work with. We’re here to partner with start-ups to help you hit the ground running with your new business. And be your #1 fan!

We offer branding + business development support

We work with numerous small businesses over a wide range of industries which has given us valuable insight and experience. From what steps to take first to making the most of your budget, we customize our approach to fit your specific needs.

The first steps

Together we can clarify your vision to answer the 3 most important questions about your brand new business

1. the what

What do you offer?The answer might be products, services, or a combination of both. Identifying what your business offers clients or customers is the first step to discovering the strategy for building your business. And increasing revenue.

2. the who

Who do you offer it to? This one can be tough, but knowing who you need to reach is at the very core of the strategy for building your business. Let us help identify who your ideal clients or customers are and how to best reach them.

3. the why

What makes you stand out? We want to help your ideal clients or customers pick you over your competition. Together let’s find your niche in the market and what it is that sets your business apart. And then we can market the heck out of your new business!

Here's how we can help

A-la-carte projects tailored just for you

Business name consultation

The name of your business is integrally tied to the rest of your brand. Why not work with experienced branding professionals like us to help brainstorm ideas, research competitors within your industry, scout out available domain names for your future website, and create a few strategic naming options?

Branding board

We create a fully custom logo designed collaboratively with you as well as a guide for the visual tone of your business – fonts, color palette, design elements, photography direction, and mock-ups of how it might be applied. Your branding board becomes the foundation for every element of your business so each piece can be consistent, cohesive, and polished.


Collateral pieces are the essentials – business cards, letterhead, email signature, social media templates, and more.The list looks a little different depending on your industry, but we can help identify what you might need and have you covered from design to final product.


Packaging is one of the biggest extensions of your brand! From helping you identify what kinds of packaging you may need, to creating the designs, and reaching out to our network of trusted vendors for production, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether it’s boxes, stickers, packing tape, tissue paper, gift tags, belly bands, labels for drink cans, candles, or something else – you name it, we can do it.


We can design and develop the perfect website for your specific business – which we all know is vital in today’s market. After identifying what your website goals are, we design and build websites on the WordPress platform with a premium visual content builder which allows for beautiful design, easy content management, eCommerce capabilities, and works seamlessly between all devices. 

What our clients say

Ways we can work together

Custom Proposal

pricing varies
  • 30 Minute Discovery Call
  • Customized plan based on your individual business goals
  • Proposal broken out into separate projects + phases
  • Examples of relevant work

Hourly Consult

$135 / hour
  • Advice on where to start
  • Basics of branding + marketing
  • Website platform options
  • Identifying your niche
  • Budget-conscious ideas for packaging, marketing + more
  • Marketing strategy

Full Service Launch

  • Business Naming Consult
  • Branding Board
  • Business Card Design
  • Branded Social Media
  • Wordpress-based Website
  • Custom Email Signature

Let's meet + connect

We’d love to set up a time to virtually meet up over a cup of coffee. We’ll talk about your business, goals, and priorities and how we can help. 

Seriously, we can’t wait!

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