What is Illume?

We’re a branding + design agency that specializes in working with entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. We know the importance of setting the visual tone for every aspect of your brand and we view every part of your business as a whole – so everything needs to be consistent.

Because we work with start-ups and small businesses every day, we understand the unique challenges that come with the territory. We’re experienced and passionate about doing everything we can to help your business grow and you succeed.

We're all about illuminating your brand

We strive to connect your business with your ideal clients by conveying who you are and what you offer through your marketing materials. 

S C = strategic creative

Good design is more than looking beautiful, it’s also about function, strategy, and intention. Through our design process, we do research, get to know the competitors in your industry, and help organize your marketing materials to best suit your business objectives. 

Our team

We’re a small hand-picked team of talented people with backgrounds in design, marketing, copywriting, website development, user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design, project management, social media, and even in starting businesses. 

We love collaborating with our clients – getting to know them and their business so well that we become an extension of their team as well. 

About Christine

founder + creative director

With over 15 years working in the design industry, Christine brings a range of experience from large clients like Colgate, Southwest Airlines, and Hallmark as well as numerous start-ups across the country. She understands how big companies work – and how growing businesses have their own set of priorities, challenges, and needs.

She is trained in both print and digital media with a unique skillset that blends design with marketing strategy, user experience, and website development. As a Creative Director, she coordinates all aspects of client needs among our Illume team as well as our client partnerships to ensure a cohesive, on-brand, and on-time quality end result.